Carrot and Sweet Potato Cake Donuts

Fall is here!! Can you tell? There is so much pumpkin spice everywhere and I love it. I already put up Halloween decorations in my office, and I’ll be putting up my home ones this weekend when I have time for a full afternoon of decorating and watching Hocus Pocus (fun fact: my sister and I love this movie. Our next favorite to watch together is Night at the Roxbury). I’m starting a bit early this year because I’ll be out of town for almost half of October, and I need to enjoy it while I can. My first Fall treat was making these donuts last week. I had some sweet potatoes and carrots that I needed to use up, so I decided to go all-in with donuts.

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Brown Butter Sweet Potato Rosemary Scones

I have been obsessing over scones lately. I have decided they are my favorite baked good, even higher on my list than cake or pie, which is crazy. I was having a craving last weekend so I headed to this cafe across the street for my favorite one, a sweet potato rosemary scone. The sweet potato and rosemary combination makes these the ultimate in-between scone. Still sweet, but with a savory rosemary flavor. Sadly, when I got the cafe they said that they are no longer making the scones. My face must have looked terribly pathetic because the woman helping me called over the manager to confirm this. At this point I went through all the stages of grief and over-ordered out of feeling sorry for myself. But then it hit me, I can make them myself! Better yet, maybe I could improve them!

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Roasted Red Pepper Scones with Caramelized Onion and Roasted Garlic Butter

I’m back! I hope all five of you missed me. Unfortunately my computer at home has been on its slow march towards death for a while, and I could no longer deal with trying to write a blog post on it. But, we’re up and running with a new computer, so I hope to have a lot more posts soon!

I have always loved scones, whether savory or sweet. For some reason I also tend to like ones that are somewhat stale and boring flavors (the vegan oat scone at Whole Foods really does it for me), but that’s more of a personal issue. I promise that these scones are not dry whatsoever, and that they are packed with flavor. The butter then just takes it to a whole new level. Continue reading