Driving through ABQ and on to Williams, AZ

This a continuation from my honeymoon trip, picking up right after we left a couple amazing days in Austin, TX.

The next couple days were our heavy driving days, so pretty uneventful food-wise. That being said, it was pretty cool seeing the full countryside of America and we got to take a break from the go-go-go of the previous days. We also drove part of the historic Route 66, which we thought was pretty cool.

The day we left Austin was a long day of driving to get to Turquoise Trail RV Park in Albuquerque, NM, but we also experience one of the highlights of the trip. Throughout the trip, we’d posted a decent amount of photos to Facebook, to share with our parents and to show off for our friends. This became an inadvertent blessing, because a friend of mine from high school wrote on Akil’s wall that she now lived in Texas, and would we be passing her along the way? We figured that getting to her would only be about an hour out of our way, and an hour outside of hers. Our moms still talked, so I knew a bit about her life, but it was so meaningful to be able to see each other after all these years. We parked ourselves in a Starbucks and reminisced about old times and got to meet each others’ husbands, and I got to meet her two beautiful children. It is certainly a moment I will treasure from the trip!


The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful, as we wanted to get there in time to actually get some sleep. When we arrived, we were so thankful for booking a place higher up in the mountains. It was cool enough to keep the windows open for a nice breeze, and the sky was the most beautiful we have ever seen. It looked like one of those domes in a science museum, where you can see all the stars. After hooking up the RV we sat outside and enjoyed the cool air and the quiet for a bit, then headed to sleep. In the morning we took a bunch of pictures of the beautiful scenery.

The next day was more driving, but a short one to Williams, AZ and the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park. My only goal for this day was to get the most amazing and authentic New Mexican breakfast I could get. Lo and behold, we forgot it was Labor Day, and everything was closed. I think I cried for a bit. We ate some cereal and moved on, and later stopped at a second-rate New Mexican lunch place. It was hard coming down from such a smashing success in Austin, but what can you do?

On our way we found a local county fair and decided to stop and check it out. We got some fried cheese curds, played some games, and got our portrait done. They had a full model train set of the town as well as a log-cutting competition, somethign about pigs, and llamas! It was really sweet!

We checked in to the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park about mid-day and walked “downtown.” As we were walking around and gathering some souvenirs, it hit Akil that this place looked a lot like the town in the movie “Cars” and we knew we were off of Route 66. We casually mentioned this to a shop owner, and he confirmed that the Pixar creators had actually flown to Williams and based a lot of the drawings off of specific cars and shops found there, as well as tried to mirror the town’s feel. It really put the town into a new perspective.


Later that night we decided to take advantage of the gym and the pool, which were both at the Hotel, and shared with the RV Park. It was a really nice evening and very relaxing!

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