Hook ‘Em!: Austin Day 2

The second night in Austin we each slept about an hour. The heat was so oppressive, and there was nothing we could do. Unfortunately the sun setting didn’t help to cool the RV, so it was a sleepless night. We bought a fan the next day hoping it would help (it didn’t.) Even without sleep, we woke up excited for our next adventure. Other than the music, we knew we needed to see the food trucks when we went to Austin, so we signed up for an Austin Eats food truck tour. This may have been the best decision of our roadtrip and will be something we sign up for again on our next visit!

A van picked us up in front of a farmers market and took us around to the best food trucks in town. The tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable about not only food trucks (there are hundreds), but Austin itself. We learned a lot about the history, as well as modern issues (housing crisis). At every food truck the owner would come out and talk to us about how they developed their truck, and you could really feel their passion. Overall, it was such a cool experience. The food trucks we went to were:

Luckuy’s Puccias: Sandwiches made with an Italian bread that was light and crisp. This type of bread is really only made in one small part of Italy, and not all Italians even know about it. The owner was very particular about his ingredients and you could taste the quality. He also only fires up the bread after you’ve ordered, so you know it’s fresh!

La Barbeque: The other BBQ jaugernaut, this more than made up for the first day since we didn’t have to wait in line! Although I didn’t partake, Akil was blown away. Unfortunately they didn’t give away any trade secrets, but we felt lucky to have the official Austin BBQ experience.

Turf and Surf: This is one of the places that is a MUST to go back to when we visit. It was by far the best fish tacos I’ve ever eaten, as well as a buffalo shrimp taco that blew my mind. The guy who owned the truck was very chill and even gave me a high five when I ordered the buffalo shrimp taco, so I felt great about this stop!

You Gonna Eat that or What: Voted number one restaurant on Yelp (as a food truck) for their monte cristo sandwiches. This is a must for Akil. The owner was also quite a character!

Sugar Mama’s Bakery: By this point we’d already had to take some food to go because we were getting really full. This shop was the winner of Cupcake Wars on Foodnetwork, and home to really sweet bakers. Akil got “The Elvis” and I got the Bourbon Chocolate Pecan bar. Both were ON. POINT. Although we had to wait until much later that night to eat them.

While in Austin, we contacted a friend who was attending the University of Texas for a Master’s degree. He mentioned that his school was having a tailgate for the first UT game of the season and asked if we’d like to join in. We went to Stubhub and got some cheap seats, and we were ready! The atmosphere was really hyped, and you could tell the whole town, not just the students, were there to cheer the team on. We learned some Texas songs and watched a legit college marching band.

Later that night we were a little tired from the heat and walking, so we headed back to the RV to try to get some rest. Again, it was fruitless, but in the end, completely worth it.

After the game we tried to stay up and go to some bars, but decided to just try to get as much sleep as possible.

Before we leave Texas though I want to give you a Texas-sized cat fact. Did you know that the oldest female cat lived in Austin, Texas? She lived to 38 years old! And her name was Creme Puff. CAT FACT!

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