Big Easy, Big Belly

Before I start this post I’d like to ask that we declare it an official “judgement free” zone. I realize that the amount of food and drinks that are about to be described could feed a family of four for probably a week, and we did it in two days with just two of us. I’m not proud of it. Well, maybe I am. Anyway, everyone have their beads ready? Let’s head to New Orleans.

We made it to New Orleans at about 2am, after having flown to South Carolina and driven through Atlanta. We knew this ahead of time, though, so we weren’t too worried about it. The part I was concerned about was connecting the RV for the first time in the dark. It took a couple tries to back it into the spot, and find the right hook ups, but overall it was easier than we thought it would be. Honestly, if you’re thinking of renting an RV, and the thought of it being difficult to manage is what is stopping you, just go for it. It’s actually pretty hard to mess it up.

After sleeping, we picked up the local bus across the street and headed into downtown New Orleans. We had a few spots scoped out thanks to my boss Vivian and another friend Juliet, who both used to live in New Orleans, but the main goal was to just explore and enjoy ourselves. I’d say we accomplished this goal and more.

First stop: St. James’ Cheese Company. A cheese shop with an attitude. And by attitude I mean a full blown menu developed around cheese (is there any other way?) and a great selection of wines and beer. The below was our appetizer. Akil also had a sandwich and I had a small mac and cheese and a salad, to keep it healthy. The mac was fantastic, made from a plethora of cheeses they have leftover, and Akil loved his sandwich. He got serious food envy though when someone next to us got their sandwich, because theirs had three types of meat, and not just two. We ate on the patio and wished for a second stomach to eat more. We also made friends with the waitress, who wrote down some other suggestions of places to go.

St James Cheese Co

After lunch we walked towards Magazine street and made a quick pit stop at Creole Creamery. I guess we found some extra room in our stomach after all! On our walk we checked out a lot of the older architecture on St. Charles Street. Akil was also reallllly into the banana plants.

On our stroll through Magazine street, we saw some art galleries, antique shops, and oh, bars. We managed to stop at:

Dat Dog: Really great outdoor area and the menu looked really good. We drew the line here though and only had a refreshing cocktail.

Dat Dog

– Bulldog: Really fun fountain made of beer taps, extensive local beer list and a relaxed vibe. We had a tasting flight of local beers and made more friends with the bartender.


– The Rum House: This was a really fun place. The cocktails made us feel like we were on an island, and they had a taco happy hour. Did you hear me? TACO. HAPPY. HOUR. We weren’t hungry, but we weren’t full either so we each had a taco. I mean, they had a scallop taco, and another with asparagus. I can’t NOT have that.

Rum House

From there we took the trolly back towards our starting point and got into a cab to head towards the infamous Jacque Imo’s, where we knew we’d have to wait but would get an amazing meal. It would also give us time to be hungry again! The fried chicken and clams were the most memorable, as well as the intimate setting. However, I made a mistake. I listened to the waiter, which is normally a great call, but this time is was fatal, to my tastebuds. I asked for great seafood, and he recommended a dish that was basically a fried green tomato with clam stuffing and fried clams on it. I didn’t love the idea, but decided to roll with it. Bad idea. It was bland, and just over all not great. Next time, I’ll trust my gut. My husband, however, was in heaven with the chicken, which lived up to it’s name.

I hate to break this into two posts, but I’m not sure you can handle all of it in one day. Instead, I’m going to leave you with a cat fact. The above picture of lanterns was a really cool antique store where I made friends with a cat. CAT FACT!

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