Traveling + Food (or, Traveling for Food)

I’ve been a little busy lately, and then on a long vacation, so I haven’t had as much time to cook and take pretty pictures lately. I still want to write, though, so I decided to do what I’ve been meaning to do for a while now, and that is to document the food that my husband and I ate on our honeymoon. For our honeymoon we rented an RV and did a road trip across the southern half of the US. Part of this will also describ our RV experience, but I promise there will be a lot of food talk. I don’t want to say that food was our main focus of the honeymoon, but I also don’t want to not say it…since it pretty much was. Sometimes in life you need to just embrace your inner fat kid and roll with it, and that’s literally what we did.

To be honest, it started as a joke. We’d always thought we’d go to a place where we stayed in a cabana that floats crystal blue waters, with a significant amount of Mai Tais and trashy books. At one point Akil mentioned always wanting to do an RV trip. We both dismissed the idea, saying we’d do it another time, but then we actually thought about it. We weren’t sure if we would miss the beach, or even be able to drive the thing. We also didn’t know if we’d have enough time to want to kill each other by the end.

Eventually we realized that this was a real possibility, and we ran it by some friends. They also asked “Do you need a license to drive an RV? But don’t you want to relax?” and “You’ll kill each other by the end.” We then talked to our friends Jo and Miles about their wedding, which would be in San Francisco the Fall after our wedding. The timing would be perfect, and how cool would it be to roll up to a wedding in an RV? Don’t worry, we didn’t. We dropped off the RV a little earlier than that.

Anyway, we plotted and planned, and I basically pulled a second shift using the Google to find the best places to eat and stay along our way (*pats herself on back*). We left in late August, which I have to say, was the best of times and worst of times to be driving an RV through the South. But more on that later.

We first picked up the RV in Colombia, South Carolina, and drove to Atlanta, GA. First, though, we packed up the RV with the necessities from Walmart, and I gave Akil his surprise – a captain’s hat with his name on it. I got a “First Mate” hat for myself for good measure.

Picking Up the RV

When we got to Atlanta we stopped at The Midway Pub, which we picked out from an online article about the best backyard restaurants in Atlanta. The outdoor area was really relaxing and I loved the decor. For food, we got the:

Smoked Trout Dip: YUM. I need to make this at home sometime. It wasn’t too fishy, wasn’t overly cream-cheesy, and also had a kick to it.

Pimento Cheese Burger: I would eat pimento cheese at every meal if I could, although this one was just for Akil. He made a great choice for his first honeymoon meal. The burger was cooked perfectly, not too greasy, and the pimeno cheese was overflowing and made well.

Veggie Corn Dogs: These were a little more greasy than I wanted since it was pretty hot out, but the corn batter was clearly homemade and flavorful.


While driving through Atlanta, we had a very important stop. We are both big fans of the show The Walking Dead, and I knew that they were filming around Atlanta. A part of me was really hoping that we would roll up in our RV, and a producer would see us and realize that it would be super cool to have that in their next episode, so they would sign us and our RV on as extras / main plot point. Alas, that did not happen. But we did get some pretty cool pictures, safely behind the “Trespassers will be STRICTLY violated” sign.

Alright, I know this wasn’t a long or very food-focused post, but I wanted to at least get this ball rolling. Next up is New Orleans. I hope you’re ready! I’m full just thinking about it.

For your cat fact, I thought I’d share something I learned while looking up Cinco de Mayo trivia for my office party. Did you know that Mexico is the most diverse countries in terms of wildlife, including big cats? Also, apparently a cat ran for mayor in one town in 2013. CAT FACT!

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