Brown Butter Pumpkin Pie Spice Snickerdoodles

This will be a quick post because 1) I didn’t get good pictures of me making it and 2) the recipe is only a slight adaption from this recipe on The cookies themselves are also easy breezy and a fun treat to make this weekend if you have the time. I guarantee you have all the ingredients already in your pantry. Continue reading

Carrot and Sweet Potato Cake Donuts

Fall is here!! Can you tell? There is so much pumpkin spice everywhere and I love it. I already put up Halloween decorations in my office, and I’ll be putting up my home ones this weekend when I have time for a full afternoon of decorating and watching Hocus Pocus (fun fact: my sister and I love this movie. Our next favorite to watch together is Night at the Roxbury). I’m starting a bit early this year because I’ll be out of town for almost half of October, and I need to enjoy it while I can. My first Fall treat was making these donuts last week. I had some sweet potatoes and carrots that I needed to use up, so I decided to go all-in with donuts.

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Strawberry Goat Cheese Spread

Hi there,

I can’t believe it’s been almost two (or three?) months since I posted. The past month and a half have been a bit crazy and I really haven’t had time to cook, especially not while there is still sunlight. However, I got to cook a couple things this past weekend that I’m excited about so I’m finally able to start back up. Fall is my favorite time to cook so I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things! For a week in October I will also be in Hawaii, so I will have plenty of foodspiration after that! Alright, finally on to the recipe…

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Brown Butter Sweet Potato Rosemary Scones

I have been obsessing over scones lately. I have decided they are my favorite baked good, even higher on my list than cake or pie, which is crazy. I was having a craving last weekend so I headed to this cafe across the street for my favorite one, a sweet potato rosemary scone. The sweet potato and rosemary combination makes these the ultimate in-between scone. Still sweet, but with a savory rosemary flavor. Sadly, when I got the cafe they said that they are no longer making the scones. My face must have looked terribly pathetic because the woman helping me called over the manager to confirm this. At this point I went through all the stages of grief and over-ordered out of feeling sorry for myself. But then it hit me, I can make them myself! Better yet, maybe I could improve them!

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Strawberry Lemonade Pinwheel Cookies

I wanted to make something cute and tasty to bring to a friend’s shrimp boil, and thought something light was in order. These cookies fit the bill and balanced out the spiciness of the shrimp and sausage. The best part about these cookies are that they are very easy to make and only require four ingredients! Although I’m usually a purist when it comes to making cakes or cookies, I took the shortcut and used lemon cake mix and strawberry cake mix. Plus, you can add some lemon juice or zest to the lemon side to add some extra flavor.


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Driving through ABQ and on to Williams, AZ

This a continuation from my honeymoon trip, picking up right after we left a couple amazing days in Austin, TX.

The next couple days were our heavy driving days, so pretty uneventful food-wise. That being said, it was pretty cool seeing the full countryside of America and we got to take a break from the go-go-go of the previous days. We also drove part of the historic Route 66, which we thought was pretty cool.

The day we left Austin was a long day of driving to get to Turquoise Trail RV Park in Albuquerque, NM, but we also experience one of the highlights of the trip. Throughout the trip, we’d posted a decent amount of photos to Facebook, to share with our parents and to show off for our friends. This became an inadvertent blessing, because a friend of mine from high school wrote on Akil’s wall that she now lived in Texas, and would we be passing her along the way? We figured that getting to her would only be about an hour out of our way, and an hour outside of hers. Our moms still talked, so I knew a bit about her life, but it was so meaningful to be able to see each other after all these years. We parked ourselves in a Starbucks and reminisced about old times and got to meet each others’ husbands, and I got to meet her two beautiful children. It is certainly a moment I will treasure from the trip!


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Rosemary Roasted Beets and Goat Cheese Tart with Arugula and Balsamic Honey Drizzle

Phew that’s a long name. No way around that unfortunately, and I hope it doesn’t deter you. It doesn’t take a lot of time, prep, or ingredients but tastes like you’ve spent all day making a complicated dish. The colors also look very impressive on a plate, so it would be perfect to impress your friends at a spring brunch!

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Hook ‘Em!: Austin Day 2

The second night in Austin we each slept about an hour. The heat was so oppressive, and there was nothing we could do. Unfortunately the sun setting didn’t help to cool the RV, so it was a sleepless night. We bought a fan the next day hoping it would help (it didn’t.) Even without sleep, we woke up excited for our next adventure. Other than the music, we knew we needed to see the food trucks when we went to Austin, so we signed up for an Austin Eats food truck tour. This may have been the best decision of our roadtrip and will be something we sign up for again on our next visit!

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Helping to Keep Austin Weird: Day 1

Sorry for yet another long delay in posting, but I did a big overhaul of organizing photos recently and also haven’t been in town over a weekend in almost a month. It’s good to be back, though, and I’m hoping I can get some time to cook again soon. In the meantime, I’m going to keep going with some honeymoon posts. Next up, Austin!

I’m really excited about this post since Akil and I just booked tickets to go back to Austin for another visit. We really fell in love with this city when we visited. It has a really relaxed vibe, an unbeatable music scene, a healthy and energized population, and some pretty amazing restaurants.

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Brussels Sprouts Grilled Cheese

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty happy that brussels sprouts have been making the rounds in restaurants lately, even if the fad is almost over. Luckily, they are a pretty resilient vegetable so you can get pretty good sprouts at most grocery stores and make them at home. When I make brussels sprouts for dinner, I like to cut them in half and pan roast / steam them. I made a bunch of them earlier in the week for dinner, and realized I had the making of an epic grilled cheese on my hands.

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